As a community service club covering Islington, Highgate and Muswell Hill we support charities operating or serving residents of these areas.

In recent years we have supported the charities including:

Throughout the year we conduct various fundraising and outreach activities to support these organisations. Fundraising events include an annual quiz held at the Whittington Hospital to support the Whittington Hospital Trust, as well as Christmas collections along with the Kaos Signing Choir.

Along with our work in the local community we also support international causes mainly through our membership in worldwide Rotary International. Rotary is a worldwide organization of more than 1.2 million members. This network funds and is actively involved in major projects around the world – perhaps the best known is the End Polio Now programme which has helped to successfully eradicated Polio from nearly every country. We also send Shelter Boxes to disaster areas around the world to help the victims of natural disasters in the early days before other support arrives. In recent years we have also undertaken two international projects in areas where our members had ties abroad. These were:

  • Donations of coats and school supplies to children in the Ketermaya Refugee Camp in Lebanon (in collaboration with the Rotary club of Chouf, Lebanon)
  • Donation of dictionaries to the Steven Tito Academy in Tanzania

If you have a project or organisation you’d like us to support which operates in Islington, Highgate, or Muswell Hill please get in touch.

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