Club activities include fundraising for local north London charities and volunteer service. We also have speakers at our regular meetings who share more about their work from across a wide variety of fields. Our recent activities include:

Fundraising Walk for ShelterBox

In late September 2018 club members and supporters walked 10km across north London to raise funds for ShelterBox. ShelterBox is a charity that hand-delivers aid to families devastated by conflict or natural disaster, to give them safe shelter and the tools to rebuild communities. When natural disasters and conflicts occur, the ShelterBox operations team make careful assessments to ensure that ShelterBox aid is right for the situation. They consider the type of disaster and the level of damage, as well as the needs of the community and their ability to recover, before selecting the right type of support. ShelterBox are then able to quickly transport items from their positioned hubs around the world to exactly where it is needed.

Walking Through Highgate Wood

We successfully raised £590, which is the average cost of a ShelterBox.

Youth Art and Photography Competition

We have coordinated Rotary Art and Photography competitions for school children in our areas. We have also collaborated in running both competitions the Rotary club of Northwick Park.


Highgate Fair in the Square

We regularly attend the Fair in the Square in Highgate.

This is a festive annual activity where our members enjoy meeting fairgoers, sharing more about our work and activities, and chatting with other stallholders.

Crocuses for Purple4Polio

Pic 3.png

In support of Rotary Foundation, and with the help of local school children, we planted 5,000 as part of the Purple4Polio campaign.

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